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Review: Code Red by Amy Noelle

Code RedCode Red by Amy Noelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars! Code Red by Amy Noelle was a fun, sexy, light-hearted book that I just could not put down.

Nicole's heart was crushed when she was in college, so she's decided to forgo relationships, opting for simple sex and nothing more. She and her friends, Amy, Kim, Ashley, and Jen came up with a plan: Code Red. Anytime one of them got to close to a man that they were afraid would hurt them, they'd call Code Red and the others would get her back on track.

Flash forward seven years later. Nic's a successful technical writer who wears yoga pants and ponytails to work. She doesn't do relationships; she has sex with losers that she knows won't be able to get into her heart. Amy, Kim, and Ash have married their Code Reds, and wish she'd put and end to her Code Red and find a man with whom she can settle down. Nic and Jen remain single, something that Nic is perfectly content with.

While waiting to meet the "new Suit" that's being sent to Chicago from New York, she begins a hilarious e-mail to Jen outlining all the ways her BOB (battery operated boyfriend) is better than a real man. As she's typing, the Suit sneaks up on her and catches her off guard. Way off guard. Nic soon learns that Josh Daniels, the sexy new Suit, is there to partner with her to write a manual for a new electronics product. They'll be spending weeks sharing an office while working on the manual.

There's an instant attraction between the two, and the chemistry is undeniable, so of course, Nicole is quick to call her girls and declare: CODE RED. It's up to Josh to break down the walls around Nicole's heart so that she can finally experience love once and for all. The question is, will she let him?

I loved this book. I was grinning like a loon throughout most of it. The friendship amongst the group of girls had me rolling with laughter quite often. The playful, sexy banter between Josh and Nic was fun to read. Josh is a completely swoon-worthy book boyfriend, and Nicole's a hilarious, sweet and sassy hot chick. Their romance was such a fun one to read. Now, they weren't without their issues, but they were seemingly normal relationship type issues. There wasn't any crazy, angsty drama, and that was such a nice change. This book was simply a beautiful, funny, light-heart romance that I'd recommend to any of my friends. I truly cannot make one single complaint about this book. I will definitely be looking forward to more of Ms. Noelle's work.

You're smart, and funny, and maybe a little weird, but I wouldn't change a thing about you. I don't care if you're a lady or not. You're what I want.

You cloud up everything so I'm completely full of you.

At least he didn't steal any hearts. Josh did. He's a thief, too. A cat burglar. (This scene had me in stitches)

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