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REVIEW: Anywhere but Here by Anna Cruise

Jacie Winslow is in the last place she wants to be.


Forced to leave school when she discovers her tuition money has mysteriously disappeared, Jacie returns to the barren wasteland of Silver Valley. Suddenly, she's back in her own version of hell, living with her irresponsible mother—and her mother's newest derelict boyfriend.

Stuck working a dead-end job in the local coffee shop as she tries to figure out a way back to college, Jacie meets Cade, a stranger who claims to just be passing through town. Jacie can't help but wonder if there's more to his story and, as she gets to know him better, finds him to be the lone
bright spot in Silver Valley.

But bright spots are fleeting in this desolate desert town. Especially when Jacie discovers the truth about what happened to the money she'd painstakingly saved—and what she'll need to do to get it back.

Really loved this! This is my third Anna Cruise book and definitely my favorite out of the three I've read. I saw that she released this book last night and decided to buy it on a whim. One minute I was starting it with the intention of only reading a little before I went to bed, and the next minute I was done! There's just something about her writing that's really engaging to me. It's not over the top, overly angsty, or anything like that. It's just a book about a normal girl -- with big dreams -- that's down on her luck. You have to be a good story teller to be able to sell a story like that!

The story. . .

The main character in the story, Jacie, has just returned to her hometown because her mother drained all the money in her college fund. She's devastated, pissed off, and really determined. She doesn't want to be stuck in a nowhere town forever, so she's trying to figure out a way to get the hell out of Dodge. Between her worthless mom and her mom's slimy new boyfriend, she's handling everything the best she can.

She meets Cade, a guy who starts frequenting the coffee shop she works at, and gives him the cold shoulder right away. Handsome or not she's as prickly as ever. She has no desire to make any more connections to a town she plans to leave in the dust. Cade has his own secrets though and something about Jacie catches his eye. He loves her attitude and she finds it difficult to resist his charms (eventually). Can this good guy change her perspective on the wreckage that is her life?

Overall. . .

I loved it. I really did. I thought the character development was awesome. I personally found Jacie to be a really relatable and likeable character. I adored Cade. I liked all the other secondary characters. There really wasn't anything I didn't like. For me, sometimes the NA world gets a little rundown with the same old, same old and this was a good detour to take. It's not your run of the mill NA story. In fact, if your looking for heavy, steamy romance, this isn't the book for you. The book focuses on Jacie overcoming her hardships as much as it does the romance between her and Cade. Jacie and Cade build a solid friendship that turns into a romance (but it's light). I probably would liked to have seen a little bit more of their relationship, but I liked everything the way it was too. I dug the witty banter and sarcasm. Loved Jacie's spunky attitude and Cade's good intentions. Yeah. It was a good read. So read it.
4.5 Stars

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Double Threat Series by Julie Prestsater

Double Threat Spotlight Banner  
So I'm A Double Threat

In this fun-filled, fast-moving young adult novel, sassy fourteen-year-old Megan Miller, and her close-knit friends, begin their four year high school journey. Expectations and hopes are high for their Freshman year. Meggie wants nothing more than to experience all high school has to offer – growing freedom, hot boys, parties, make-out sessions, and did I mention hot boys? Enter Alex Aguilar. At seventeen, he is Carver High’s sports superstar and dreamy superstud. Yet, despite the hype, Alex is undeniably sweet, and Meggie is beyond smitten. But, of course, he is a SENIOR. So, ought to be completely off limits for a ninth grader, right? Age doesn’t always dictate whom you will love, though. So I’m A Double Threat is the start of their journey. Will young love survive the challenges presented them or is friendship all they can only really hope for? Backs will be stabbed, hearts will be broken, tears will be shed. But, despite this, Meggie’s strong-willed determination, loyalty, and zest for fun, will ensure the ride is a memorable one. (This book has mature content intended for older young adult audiences.)
Double Threat My Beep Cover

Meggie begins her sophomore year with one less best friend, and a boyfriend who is over four hundred miles away. Things couldn't be worse, right? Wrong! Crappy grades, a teacher who is out to get her, and being grounded more times than she can count, double threat her bleep. With Alex being gone, Meggie relies on her girls to keep her busy with parties, movie nights, and trips to Denny's. Joining the crew this year is Travis, who is patiently waiting for Meggie to ditch her college boyfriend. While annoying at times, Travis is funny and cute, and may just provide the temptation that Meg can't resist. Confronted with gorgeous college-aged girls in his dorm, distance and typical teenage boy desires, Alex's commitment to his young high school girl is threatened. He is forced to make a decision he doesn't want to make. Can Meg and Alex survive the long distance and temptations? Should they even try? (This book has mature content intended for older young adult audiences.)
Double Time Cover

Megan Miller has done the crush thing, had her heart broken and flirted with a close friend to the point of an almost relationship. She is over the drama of her Freshman and Sophomore years and is ready to be single and to mingle. With Keesha and Steph by her side the girls are ready to rock the single hood in their Junior year. Playing the field, meeting new people, doing different things sounds like the life. But is it? What happens when you are out their working the dating scene but your heart is somewhere else, or better yet with someone else? Can you be tied down and still manage to enjoy not being attached? Meg is about to find out. Sometimes being single takes double time.
Double Threats Forever Cover
High school eventually comes to its end. After three years of broken hearts, parties, exams and fights, Megan Miller and her crew, have finally made it to their senior year. If they can manage to keep drama out of their personal lives, they are ready to rule Carver High, and show what the true meaning of being a double threat is. But, life is never that simple is it? What should have been the year of prom, good memories and more is turning out to be one of unexpected struggles. Meggie starts to crumble under the pressure of deciding what path her future should take. Her life has revolved around her friends for so long. Can she endure her final year and make wise choices that allow her to become independent and secure her hopes for forever with Alex? Are the two possible? Will she be able to choose? (This book contains mature content that is intended for older young adult audiences.)
So I'm A Double Threat (Double Threat #1)
Double Threat My Bleep (Double Threat #2)
Double Time (Double Threat #3)
Double Threats Forever (Double Threat #4)

So I'm A Double Threat (Double Threat #1)
Double Threat My Bleep (Double Threat #2)
Double Time (Double Threat #3)
Double Threats Forever (Double Threat #4)

So I'm A Double Threat Teaser

Double Threat My Bleep Teaser

Double Time Teaser

\Double Threats Forever Teaser
Julie Author Photo
Julie is a high school teacher by day, and a writer by night. She writes both young adult and adult romances. When she's not writing, she can be found out and about with her family, reading, and watching football. As a reading intervention teacher, she prides herself on matching her students with great books to encourage them to become life-long readers.
Julie has written five young adult books which are all available now:
The Double Threat Series
-So I'm A Double Threat
-Double Threat My Bleep
-Double Time
-Double Threats Forever
You Act So White
Julie has also written six adult romance novels:
Without You
More Than A Friend Request
Against The Wall
-Between The Sheets (Against The Wall #2)
-Straddling The Edge (Against The Wall #3)
-Playing Chase (Against The Wall #4)
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REVIEW: Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy #1) by M. Pierce

From bestselling ebook author M. Pierce comes the first novel in a provocative erotic trilogy where an anonymous online writing partnership turns into an uncontrollable, passionate obsession

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers -- all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent...

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah's picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that's passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

How dirty! Filthy, crass, crude, and just downright dirty!  I'm not going to lie, this book was a little too dirty for my liking.  Every single sex scene left me blushing, embarrassed, and, frankly, quite stunned. Jaw-on-the-floor-stunned. In fact, I tried to read this on an airplane, but I just couldn't do it because I was constantly worried that someone was looking over my shoulder thinking, "that girl is a freak." Now, now I admit that I'm a gutter girl. I love a good dirty joke, and read plenty of deliciously steamy books, but the mouth on Matt in the bedroom... that was nothing this southern girl had EVER heard before. Have mercy...
Because I was a little disturbed by the raunchiness of the story, I almost didn't finish reading this. I didn't think I could manage it, but I did. And thank goodness for that because although this is a very sexually driven book, it's also very unique with a incredibly complex and magnetic storyline.  While the sex wasn't really my cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed Matt and Hannah's story. This book really hit on the 5+ star scale for me once I got about halfway through. The first half was definitely a struggle for me, but now that I look back on it, it all makes sense. The problem for me was that everything happened a bit fast. The characters had already built up this very sexual relationship, and the sexual tension was off the charts. As the book progressed, I started to see that it really was a  character driven book. It just took me a while to pick my jaw up on the floor after those very unforgiving sex scenes. HA! Dirty y'all. He called her his slut.
"I was addicted to Matt's dirty mouth. I was addicted to the way he humiliated me in bed."

^^ Not me, sister, not me. Whatever floats your boat, I guess ;)

What really fascinated me the most about the story was Matt. I realize that I just told you he was too dirty for me (and he was), but he was probably one of the most fascinating characters I have ever read about. Neurotic, paranoid, anti-social, highly sexual, intelligent, and quirky are just a few words that I would use to describe him. The storyline started by introducing us to Matt and Hannah who are supposed to be writing partners online and nothing more. Hannah sent Matt an e-mail and he accidently saw her picture and that changed everything. He had a strict set of rules, a girlfriend, a meticulously organized secret life, but that one picture was the catalyst that sent all his carefully laid plans into a tail spin.

"Art is not a assembly of accidents. You have to master the rules before you break them."
Matt broke a ton of his rules. He was deceitful to Hannah and when everything spiraled out of control in his life, it was clear that he was even more unstable that I realized.  I liked him the best when he was the most crazy. I guess I fell in love with him then because I could really see how vulnerable he was. In the beginning, I thought he was just some crazy pervert, but he was SO much more than that.

Like I said, slow start for me but a truly incredible ending. This is one of the most original books that I've read in awhile, and I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. It doesn't really end with a cliffhanger, but the epilogue is a bit of a mind twister. I'm not even sure what to make of it and I'm really not sure if I like it! I'm a little worried, but dying to get my hands on book two all the same. It really was a super intriguing story.

 4 stars!

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REVIEW: Taking Something by Elizabeth Lee

(Give Me Something, book 2)
I know what you’re thinking. “You were such a jerk, Nick!” Believe me, I know I screwed up the best thing I had going in my life, but that was kind of my thing. I’d learned how to run cons before I could even form complete sentences, and I’d always been selfish. But I changed. Lila forgave me, my brother and I were getting along, and I was trying to make a name for myself in the music world.

At least that was what I was trying to do when I negotiated my way into the recording studio with pop superstar Sadie Sinclair. I thought it would be a piece of cake—charm my way into her heart and into her record label’s good graces.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I got mixed up in a web of lies, manipulation, and deception. A web that had me questioning my motives and desires altogether.

Was the fame and fortune really worth the price?

If you had asked me to describe Nick in one word after finishing Give Me Something, I wouldn’t have even faltered – Asshole. Nick Dammery was a Grade A asshole. So, when I found out Elizabeth was not only giving Nick his own story, but a story that would bring him to redemption, I was thinking “This girl has lost her marbles!” No way. She is not going to make me change my mind about him. Not gonna happen, Elizabeth – not gonna happen.

Cut to me eating a nice, big piece of crow-berry pie.

Somehow, someway, Elizabeth didn’t just redeem Nick in my eyes; she found a way to make me root for him, and maaaybe fall just a little bit in love with him, too.

Taking Something throws you alongside Nick as he chases his dream of making it big as a producer in the music business. When he charms his way into producing pop music’s biggest diva, Sadie Sinclair’s next album, he thinks he has it made in the shade. He’ll use his incredibly good looks and panty-dropping charm that made his career as a con artist so successful. Sadie will be eating out of the palm of his hand, he’ll make a name for himself, and spend his days living the high life. But when you throw in Sadie’s assistant, Gia Greyson, the future Nick has always pictured doesn’t seem so clear anymore. Now, Nick has to choose – keep his career and everything he has worked so hard for, or do something he’s never done before…throw it all away for love.

This storyline was remarkable, and Elizabeth’s writing blew me away. She continually takes leaps and bounds forward with each novel she releases, and this one is by far her best work. The character progression of Nick didn’t feel rushed or forced, it felt very real. While there is a love triangle, it’s not a typical one. It’s very clear who Nick has real feelings for, and who he is just using to get ahead so I never felt the tug-of-war effect that love triangles usually have on me. Gia was like a breath of fresh air in a world full of sharks, and Sadie Sinclair is the biggest shark in the sea. She is the stereotypical child star turned pop icon, and lord have mercy is she a DIVA! Whew. There were times I would almost start to feel bad for her, but then a plot twist would make me recoil back and want to slap the pretty right off of her face!

I loved that Tucker and Lila were both involved in this novel, and as Nick’s only family, I’m not sure how Elizabeth could have written this story without them. Tucker will always be one of my favorite book boyfriends, and I loved getting another dose of Lila sass. Along with these two love birds, we get a cameo from country superstars Kylie Ryans and Trace Corbin, and are introduced to R&B superstar, Landry Westwood. Psssst, Elizabeth – Landry needs his own story. That is all. K, thanks, bye.

Taking Something is a fun, witty, journey of redemption, love, and discovering just what is really important in life. I never thought I’d say it, but I’m glad Nick got his happily ever after and I couldn’t have picked a better leading lady to tame this former con artist. 


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SURPRISE RELEASE: Anywhere but Here by Anna Cruise

Jacie Winslow is in the last place she wants to be. Home. 

Forced to leave school when she discovers her tuition money has mysteriously disappeared, Jacie returns to the barren wasteland of Silver Valley. Suddenly, she's back in her own version of hell, living with her irresponsible mother—and her mother's newest derelict boyfriend. 

Stuck working a dead-end job in the local coffee shop as she tries to figure out a way back to college, Jacie meets Cade, a stranger who claims to just be passing through town. Jacie can't help but wonder if there's more to his story and, as she gets to know him better, finds him to be the lone bright spot in Silver Valley. 

But bright spots are fleeting in this desolate desert town. Especially when Jacie discovers the truth about what happened to the money she'd painstakingly saved—and what she'll need to do to get it back.

I just bought this one and can't wait to read it! Here's what the author said: "Not NA,
not really YA -- just a story about a spunky girl and the sweet boy who helps her realize she's more than the sum of her circumstances."

-Gutter Girls

RELEASE BLITZ: Love, Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro

LYC Blitz
Title: Love, Your Concierge
Author: Jessica Ingro
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Love, Your Concierge Front CoverOrganization – that’s what I do. Control – it’s my middle name. Hello. I’m Elizabeth – your personal concierge. My job is to play fairy godmother to the rich and famous. The universal rulebook may say to never mix business with pleasure, but its author never worked for Grant Morgan, my sexy and brooding client. As a top attorney in Manhattan, Grant is used to calling the shots and dominating everything he touches. He also changes girlfriends as often as I pick up his dry cleaning. A part of me still wishes I could let him command my body and take me in ways I’ve never imagined, though. One moment of weakness is all it takes to change everything forever. Addicted – I can’t get enough of him. Consumed – He’s all I think and dream about. The book has officially been thrown out the window. I’m in love and completely terrified. With lines blurred, I find myself lying, cheating and stealing to protect myself from being hurt. But my choices affect more than just me and now I’m not so sure what I’m trying to protect myself from. Will love be enough to erase all I’ve done? Or have I made the biggest mistake of all?  

Buy: Amazon Kindle

About the Author
Jessica Ingro Pic
Jessica is the author of the Love Square series. She grew up in Central New York, where she spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she's been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world. Jessica currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.  
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BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: Incinerate (Explosive #2) by Tessa Teevan

Incinerate Tour Banner
Title - Incinerate (Explosive #2)
Author - Tessa Teevan
Release Date: February 18, 2014
Cover Design: Wicked by Design
Cover Model: Joshua Saari
Cover Photographer: Josh Norris

Incinerate CoverWhen Knox Wellington opens the door to Charlie Davenport, he's not expecting the fiery brunette with whiskey colored eyes and a feisty personality. Sparks fly immediately, even though their initial meeting is nothing but hostile. Their chemistry is undeniable, but the chip on Knox's shoulder threatens to destroy any hope of him wooing the sweet, southern volunteer sent to help with his rehabilitation.
Little does he know she's no Southern Belle, as she gives as good as she can take. As unexpected circumstances push them closer together, heads butt, patience is tested, and flames ignite as they dance around their mutual attraction, both of them jaded from broken pasts. They've both been burned before, so when their feelings of lust, desire, and wanting are inflamed in the heat of the moment, will they finally be able to get over the pain of the past or will their relationship be reduced to ashes before it can ever really begin?
*While this book is a standalone, characters from Ignite, book 1, will appear in Knox's story.

Tessa knows her military men!!! Knox was a little rougher around the edges than Jace from Ignite and I LOVED that. This was a very sweet, heartfelt story. Plus, if you picture the guy on the cover as Knox, it multiplies his hotness factor times ten thousand. Promise. Here's what I thought:

Seeing as I'm a military wife myself, I love to read about army boys! Tessa's military boys KNOW their way to my heart and they KNOW they KNOW their way to my heart. She writes about confident, sexy, cocky, self-assured men that send my heart into a frenzy! From the very beginning, Knox stole my heart. He was injured overseas and is home recovering when he meets his new "caretaker", Charlie. He's not expecting the cutie he saw at the bar the night before to show up at his house. What girl has the name Charlie anyway? (I love the name Charlie BTW)

Anyways, Knox is struggling with his injuries because he's not the kind of guy that likes to ask for help. He likes to be self sufficient, so his injuries are a knife right into his pride. He's hesitant to accept Charlie's help, but he soon realizes that there may be some benefits to having this gorgeous girl around to nurse him back to health. It's a bumpy ride full of sexual tension, but I promise that Tessa will make all that sexual tension up to you in the last half of the book!! ;)

"Charlie, I want, I need you to be my fucking girl." *heart palpitation*

Tessa really has a natural flow to her writing. She captures her characters voice and runs with it. I always enjoy reading her books and can't wait for more. I'm especially excited to read her next novel, Sweet Southern Sorrow. Keep your eye out!!

P.S. I loved Charlie's dad and thought the secondary characters were fabulous.

"Are you challenging me, Wellington? Seriously?"
4 Stars
Ignite (Explosive #1)
IgniteAmazonBn Cover

About the Author
I'm a twenty six year old book junkie who is also obsessed with sports. Bengals, Buckeyes, Reds are my teams! I work for the government during the day, hang out with Air National Guard on the weekends, and have been married to my own book boyfriend for over seven years. We currently live right outside of Dayton, OH with our two cats. If I’m not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find me curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. I love my sports almost as much as I love my books. My other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Grace Potter. I LOVE to hear from readers, so please feel free to contact via any social media site listed below.

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