Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Review: Time Stands Still (Emi Lost & Found #2) by Lori Otto


"What am I going to do? How can I move forward with my life?
They were constant questions that plagued me, but every day, I came up with one or two more answers. I was building a powerful arsenal of weapons to fight a sad and lonely existence, living in the past. "
I'm reading this series as fast as I eat candy! I am just so completely impressed. I feel so invested and so close to these characters that I'm getting this little fluttery feeling in my stomach! Ahhh, it's soooo good!!! But listen y'all, I'm going to try and review this as best as I can WITHOUT giving away any spoilers, but I have to be honest... it's going to be REALLY hard to read this without getting an inkling of a hint as to what happened at the end of book 1. Maybe you shouldn't read this review if you're really sensitive to spoilers. OR maybe you should read the Amazon sample before you read this review. Just a warning! The link is at the top if you want to take that route.
Ok, so at the end of Lost & Found (book 1) I was pretty positive something really bad happened. Yeah, It's really bad. Devastating actually. My stomach was in my throat and my heart was aching. I could feel it physically and for that I just want to tip my hat to Lori Otto. I am seriously envious of her talent. To be able to affect me that way.... *round of applause*. This series is so well-developed that it's really just mind blowing to me. The war path that it's wreaked on my emotions is the result of the extremely intricate, detailed, impeccable writing. I definitely consider this more of a coming-of-age series rather than your typical romance. It's definitely romance, but 100% unique from anything else I've ever read. I feel pretty confident in saying that it's going to be one of my most favorite series ever, but I can't say for sure until I finish book 3 (but mark my words).
Ugh! This is really hard to review without spoilers. I gave you a warning above! Last warning! Ok, so something happened -- something really devastating -- to tear Nate and Emi apart.
"Emi there is no timeline for grief, no one-size-fits-all plan for healing. Everyone has different needs."
I really didn't think I'd ever recover. As soon as I thought I had my emotions in check and I could move forward, something would happen that had me in tears again. TEARS! I'm not a crier. You are not going to read my reviews and see me say that I cried that often, but this book wrecked me. Lost and Found (book 1) shocked me and put me through some serious angst, but this...this... this... WRECKED ME. And I'm so glad it did. I have never been wrecked so beautifully before. The impossible happened, and I was able to move forward with Emi.  I'm just floored.
Moving forward was not easy for Emi (or me).  Honestly, I think she's still on her way to healing and moving forward in this book. I'm expecting a few more bumps in the road in the next book. Whatever happens, I am on her side though. Isn't that awesome?? I can relate to her so much. I often found myself trying to put myself in her shoes, and it's almost too hard to even imagine (just thinking about it gets me choked up). I believe that my reactions would be VERY similar to hers though. Almost everything she does makes sense to me. She is SO relatable.
"It was raining, and you kicked him out?"
"I gave him an umbrella."
This is very much a story of loss, healing, and second chances. It's highly emotional, but there are lighter moments involved. There's new love and butterflies *sigh*. To balance all the grief, there's flirty banter. It really just has it all. It's so engaging that I'm just reading straight through. I planned on taking a break, but that's not going to happen. I have to finish!! Here's a couple more quotes that were FUN that I wanted to share!

"Brain says friends. Speedy heart-rate says something else, but I do my best to ignore it."

"What's with the scruff? you know I can't resist scruff! Gah! It's like a magnet for my hands, you know that!"  <---- (Omigoodness, me too Emi!!)

Absolutely 100% 5 stars, if not more!
5 stars!
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Reading order -- I haven't read the novella/prequel yet. It was released way after the series, so I decided to read it after I finish the series. I had several different recommendations as far as the reading order goes (from multiple readers). It's up to you. Opinions seem to be mixed.


  1. Erica!!!! FANTASTIC review!!!! omg! LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still cry when I think about this book... or series hahahhaha ohmygosh! Isn't it amazing?????????!!!

    <3 !

  2. Thank you LY!! It's incredible! I love it! <3

  3. I absolutely ADORED this series!! And yes it WRECKED me too. Great Review! I really mean GREAT! Because it is so hard to review without giving anything away, and you did it perfectly.

    Also I read the prequel first and I was really glad I did. It gave a lot of backstory and character development for Emi & Nate which made me love them even more throughout the first book. :-)