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BLOG TOUR & CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee

Here's the deal... I learned a long time ago that sometimes you have to use what you've got to make things happen. What I happen to have is a pretty smile, long legs and the ability to make men believe anything I say. Before you get on your high horse and start judging me, can you honestly say you've never batted your lashes at some guy for a free drink at the bar? That's what I thought.

Keep that in mind as I tell you my story of how I took it one step further. My story of lies, deceit, manipulation and love. Yeah, love. Believe me, it fits. Especially, when you factor in Nick and Tucker – one had my heart and the other one wanted it all for himself. Which one? Well, I can't tell you that. It would defeat the purpose of the story. If I'm going to fill you in about me, Lila Garrison, and my life as a con artist you're going to need to know all the facts, including the ones about the two guys who made me want to give up the life of fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, fast cars and easy money. Because sometimes, one person can give you something that's more valuable than all of that.

If you're still interested, stick around. Just remember, I'm pretty good at convincing people to do what I want, so if by the end of this whole thing you feel worked over, don't say I didn't warn you.
Character Interview with Nick!
We wanted to know a little more about bad boy Nick. I mean what does he do in his free time aside from breaking hearts and stirring up trouble?? Well... we have a few answers!
What are you listening to on your iPod right now? One Republic, Avicii and I hate to admit because it kinda makes me sound like a girl, but I love some Lorde.  "Royals" is flawless.
What's your favorite movie? Catch Me If You Can

Tell us about your dream girl. Come on... you know the answer to that.  Smart mouthed blonde with big green eyes.

What brand of jeans do you wear? William Rast - That Justin Timberlake knows his denim.
What's your ideal vacation? Vegas.
Guilty pleasure? McDonald's Apple Pies. Sweet and cheap. :-)

Any regrets? You got all day?

Give me something...Give me some more Tucker Kline!
"I'm sorry for being an ass and for loving you in a way that doesn't make sense."
That one quote pretty much sums up everything Nick. The story starts with Nick and Lila finishing up a con. That's what they do. They both left home at a young age and now Nick finds the mark and Lila works the con. Problem is, Lila has fallen for Nick and she's ready to leave the game. Nick persuades Lila to work one more con for him by telling her a bunch of lies. LIES! Little does Lila know that Nick wants her to work a con that's going to lead her straight into the arms of Tucker Kline. Lila knows almost immediately that she's in over her head with Tucker, but Nick is trying to keep Lila on his side of the court. As the story goes on, more lies are uncovered. LIES! They all make mistakes and have regrets...
"And I would have never pretended that the one night I spent with you wasn't the best night of my life."

I was so up and down throughout this book. One minute I couldn’t stand Nick and then the next minute he was charming me. When Tucker came into the picture, it was love at first read! I never stopped loving him, but sometimes Nick would sneak up on me and confuse the hell out of me. Eventually with Nick I was just like....whatever! Trust me when I say, you will be too! I was somewhere on the corner of DONE and GO TO HELL. When his feelings got hurt, I was screaming…I. DO. NOT. CARE.

* Talk to the hand jerk!* (but I still kind of love you...)

Overall, I really liked Lila's story. It was a very fast paced and fun read. There were times that I wish there was a little more build up. Maybe a little more insight into Nick's and Lila's past. Then again, that may have taken away from the fast paced nature of the story, which I liked. There was plenty of sweet and funny and Tucker to keep me entertained. Sweetest ending ever! Thank you Elizabeth Lee for that ending, from the bottom of my heart! <3 font="">

My Rating: 4.5 Stars!
Elizabeth Lee Bio:

When I'm not writing or playing the part of wife and mother, you can find me dancing back-up for Beyonce, singing back-up for Miranda, or sunning myself on the beach with a drink in hand.  Here's the thing about being born and raised in a small town—you have a very vivid imagination!  Now, I channel it all to create stories where the girl always ends up with the right guy, first kisses are magical, and a happy ending is just that!
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