Thursday, November 21, 2013

REVIEW: Ricochet (Addicted 1.5) by Krista and Becca Ritchie

As a sex addict, Lily Calloway must do the impossible. Stay celibate for 90 days.

Cravings and fantasies become her new routine, but while Loren Hale recovers from his alcohol addiction, Lily wonders if he’ll realize what a monster she really is. After all, her sexual compulsions begin to rule her life the longer she stays faithful to him.

Progress. That’s what Lily’s striving for. But by trying to become closer to her family—people who aren’t aware of her addiction—she creates larger obstacles. When she spends time with her youngest sister, she learns more about her than she ever imagined and senses an unsettling connection between Daisy and Ryke Meadows.

With Lily and Lo’s dysfunctional relationship teetering and unbalanced, they will need to find a way to reconnect from miles apart. But the inability to “touch” proves to be one of the hardest tests on their road to recovery. Some love brushes the surface. Some love is deeper than skin.

Lily and Lo have three months to discover just how deep their love really goes.


Includes the first chapter to the sequel Addicted for Now.

Companion to the Sequel: A full-length New Adult Romance that continues where Addicted to You left off. As a companion novel, it bridges the gap between the first and second book. It is highly recommended to be read before Addicted for Now.

Nothing gets me more excited than finding out that there’s a novella for a series I’m falling in love with… except finding out that said novella is FULL LENGTH. *JUMPS INTO THE AIR* When I fall in love with characters, I just can’t enough. Let me tell you, I cannot get enough of these characters. I read this TWO WEEKS ago and I’m still on a high from it. I love the main characters. I love the secondary characters. I love it all!

I lied. There is something that gets me more excited than all of that. GUESS!? Finding out there are spin-offs for the secondary characters!! *TOE TOUCH* Hothouse Flower has me 234 different kinds of giddy. This is how Connor describes Ryke…

a “Rottweiler you keep on a chain in the yard, guarding your house, but something you’d rather not let inside.”

What’s not to love? Haha. I love Connor too. He’s such a smarty pants, and I dig his snarky comments. He knows how to rein Rose in, and it makes my heart flutter. I can’t wait for their story in Kiss the Sky! But WAIT. I can’t forget about Daisy. I’m crazy about her because this girl has no idea how to hide her crazy. She puts it all out there. She’s wild and hardheaded. She’s exactly what Ryke needs to drive him crazy. Here’s her voicemail message…

"Hi, it’s Daisy. Not Duck and not Duke. Definitely not Buchanan. I’m a Calloway. If you haven’t misdialed then leave your name after the beep, and I’ll call you back when I return from the moon. Don’t wait around. It may take a while.” BEEP

Obviously, I love the secondary characters, but enough of them; let’s talk about Ricochet. It picks up right where Addicted to You left off. If you haven’t read Addicted to You please stop reading this review. I’ll spoil it for you. So, Lo’s gone to rehab and Lily is left behind to deal with her own addiction. She’s dealing with quite the problem considering the ONE thing that feeds her addiction is out of her reach… that’s Lo. Lily feels very insecure. Many people think that their relationship is poisonous and that it’ll never work. She feels like she needs Lo to breathe, so the idea that he may not come back to her is terrifying. She finally has a reason to try and fight her addiction.
"I want to grow with him.
I want to be with him.
I want to love Lo without people telling me that our love is too much.
One day, I hope we’ll get there. Hope, that’s all I have to go on right now. It’s my driving force. It’s literally what keeps me standing.

Lo is physically absent during this book, but his character still plays a huge role. You’ll get some of him in phone conversations, but this book really shines light on Lily. I know some people probably felt like she should just be tied up into a straightjacket during Addicted to You, but come on… let’s not judge someone based on something we can’t understand. I admit that her addiction is a little wild. I read with bugged out eyes for a while, but this book really shines some light on Lily’s sex addiction. I started to understand and feel for her. The authors really worked their magic with this story so far. It’s riveting, but it doesn’t move to fast. The characters have to heal, and the authors aren’t rushing that. Somehow they have created the perfect pace to engage the reader, but also thoroughly develop the story line.

This is without a doubt one of my favorite series I’ve ever read. It’s original and it’s edgy. The character development is outrageously good. I feel like these authors are pushing the boundaries without falling over the edge. I can’t wait for the story to continue in Addicted For Now!!


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