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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Infamous Ellen James by N.A. Alcorn

The Infamous Ellen James (The Infamous Series #1)

Meet twenty-eight year old Ellen James. A sarcastic, feisty, foul-mouthed ER Nurse. She is snarky, 

sassy, and sometimes crudely inappropriate. After a terrible breakup with her fiancĂ©, Ellen has 

promised herself that she will never make the mistake of falling for another man again… and 

physicians, well she’s more than written them off.

Once she meets sexy Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Trent Hamilton, this promise is unbelievably hard to 

keep. This too-hot-for-Ellen's-own-good man is undeniably sexy and down-right irresistible. He 

leaves her breathless, speechless, and irritatingly turned on. He makes her fantasize about him in all 

kinds of dirty, inappropriate ways.

With the help of her obnoxious, and often times hilarious best friend Amy, Ellen will find herself in 

several crazy, embarrassing situations. 

This is a story of friendship, love and how one very sarcastic woman can find the strength to pick up 

the pieces after having her heart broken. 

In her first novel, N.A. Alcorn provides interesting takes on the word vagina, while giving you a 

reason to re-think your next visit to the Emergency Room. This book is bound to make you laugh, 

smile, and provide you with enough sarcasm to choke your grandmother. No, N.A. doesn’t want 

anything bad to happen to your Grandma Ruth, but she does want you to strongly consider re-
naming your vibrator after a guy who’s at the top of your spank bank rotation. Be prepared for 

dripping juice-boxes, awkward pelvic thrusting, and a little suspense to keep your snatch on edge. 

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, profanity and far too much vaginal humor. This novel is 

not meant for anti-fornicators, up-tight prudes, or virgins who refuse to go to Pound Town.


WOW. I have a fever and the only cure is Trent Hamilton. The Hamiltonian Effect is in full swing over here.

Writing this review is going to be ridiculously hard. Why, you ask? Because I friggin' loved this book so damn much that it's so damn hard for me to even put it into words. When I finished The Infamous Ellen James I realized I have over 35 highlights on my Kindle. 35! This book is so damn hysterical that I couldn't help swiping my fingers across the words and saving them. The quotes are out of this world funny, and I cannot wait for more people to meet Ellen James, because it's true, she's pretty damn infamous.

I had a freaking blast reading this book, and I couldn't help my crazy gif status updates (see them here! Tessa's Review/Status Updates) that I posted while giggling like a little kid when reading things such as this...

He's turning me into a flaky, emotional, involuntary vagina-clenching, constant nipple-hardening mess.  (FYI, Trent totally did this to me, too!)


God damnit! I just came while I was looking at your face! This is seriously deranged. Are you not seing how completely fucked up this entire situation is? (I was crying my eyes out with how much I was laughing at this scene!!)

This book has everything that I could ever want in a book. I was laughing so hard that I was crying. I was swooning over Trent on many, many occasions. My heart hurt and I was in shock and tears at certain points. These are all things that I look for in a book, and N.A. definitely delivers! This book brought on every single emotion that I want when reading a book, and I ended it with a HUGE cheesing smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. This book is NOT to be missed!

The Infamous Ellen James one of the best books I've read in 2013. The prologue sucked me in fast, the entire story was engaging, and the epilogue had me smiling through happy tears. It's refreshing, funny, and sinfully sexy. Not to mention completely original with kick ass characters. I want Ellen James to be my bff and I want to steal Trent Hamilton from her at the same time. I laughed, I swooned, I had to bite my cheeks to try to stop the tears from coming. This book has it all and I can't wait for y'all to read it!! You need to one click the moment that it is live on December 1. You won't be disappointed! I'm already begging N.A. for sneak peeks at the second book!

I like the idea of being his far too much. The sixteen-year-old girl in me is scribbling "I love Trent Hamilton" in big, fat bubble letters with corny hearts all over her girly notebook as we speak. <--Yep, once the damn Hamiltonian Effect gets a hold of you, you'll never want to be cured!!

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About The Author
N.A. Alcorn is a wife, mother, labor and delivery nurse, writer, and blogger. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and three-year-old son, Sid. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, running, and having inappropriate conversations with her blog besties. She also has a serious addiction to music and her all-time favorite band is Incubus. Her ability to eat an ungodly amount of Reese’s Cups in a fifteen minute time frame would quite literally blow your mind.



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