Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Release: Dangerous Attractions Romantic Suspense Boxed Set

The boxed set will be just 99 cents for the first week only, and then go up to the regular price of $9.99.

From sweet to scorcher, these stories are a must read. It’s a mini-vacation for your mind for 99c! Fall in love with our sexy cops, tough military heroes, and hot CEOs. Treat yourself to an amazing reading experience by some of the top authors of romantic suspense.

includes the following 9 full-length novels and a bonus novella:

Ignited by award-winning author and national bestselling author, Kaylea Cross – Can sexy ex-SEAL, Hunter keep Khalia safe from the men who took her father’s life? (Scorcher) 

Secret Guardian by international bestselling author, Jill Sanders – Will ex-special forces hero, Ethan, save Ann in time, only to lose himself to love? (Scorcher) 

Deathscape by Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence recipient and Rita Award finalist, Dana Marton – Detective Jack Sullivan will do anything to put Ashley in prison for her crimes…even if he’s falling in love with her. (Sensual) 

Legal Ease by award winning and national bestselling author Lori Ryan – Marrying Kelly solved the problems this steamy CEO faced at his company, but will he ever be able to forgive himself for the price she has to pay? (Scorcher)

The Killing Game by international bestselling author, Toni Anderson – Forced to choose between his country and his heart, British SAS Soldier, Ty Dempsey risks it all to save Axelle. (Sensual)

Fallen SEAL Legacy by national bestselling author, Sharon Hamilton – Will Navy SEAL Cooper be able to survive the loss of the woman he loves, or will his self-sacrifice be enough to keep Libby safe? (Scorcher)

Three Days in Seattle by national bestselling author, Debra Burroughs – A gorgeous Blonde, a kidnapped Sister, a handsome Stranger, and a vengeful Killer. The desperate race is on to find the sister before both women wind up dead. (Sweet) 

See Me in Your Dreams by Patricia Rosemoor, Golden Heart Winner and two-time recipient of the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award – Her dreams allow her to see through his missing daughter's eyes, but he thinks she’s a con woman...until she dreams of something known only to him and the girl. (Sensual) 

Catching the Bad Guy by national bestselling author, Marie Astor – Top-notch white collar crime investigators Janet Maple and Dennis Walker team up to solve what could be the biggest case of their careers, but will their attraction to each other get in the way? (Sensual)

Bonus Christmas Novella, Christmas Captive by Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Winner and Rita Finalist, Ruth Glick (Rebecca York) – Her special sight let her glimpse the Christmases past of this international financier, but did he have a Christmas future?

Here's what some reviewers have said about the authors of Dangerous Attraction:
"Sexy romance with heart-stopping suspense!" - USA Today Bestselling Author Katie Reus

A Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick - "Thrills Abound!"

"A delicious blend of Romance and Suspense!" - Elizabeth Drewett

"A top-notch mystery and great characters will keep readers speeding through the pages." RT Book Reviews

"Rebecca York delivers page-turning suspense!" - Nora Roberts


Meet the Alphas
The women of the Dangerous Attraction Romantic Suspense Boxed Set are visiting to tell us about the alpha men who grace the pages of this boxed set. They range from sexy CEOs to hard-core military men to steamy cops, but they all have one thing in common: they’re alpha heroes to the core.

Toni Anderson: Tyrone Dempsey is a British SAS soldier who’s never failed a mission. He’s the youngest son of Northern Ireland’s most notorious bomb-maker and has had to prove his loyalty to the crown time and time again. When Axelle comes along that loyalty is tested when he has to choose between her life and the mission. What I love about Ty is his sense of humor, and the camaraderie we see between the soldiers. 

Jill Sanders: Ethan is ex-special forces with a stellar record and long resume of top secret missions. He now runs his own high-profile security business. He's a true protector who loves his family and will go to any lengths to protect his clients. Especially after taking an undercover job for an old client to babysitting the senator’s daughter. Ann proves to be the challenge he just can't resist. 

Marie Astor: Write about what you love and be passionate about it. If you’re not passionate about your story, it won’t grip your readers. If you create characters you care about, the readers will sense it and will want to read your story.

Lori Ryan: Jack Sutton is a CEO feared by those who sit down across the negotiating table from him and respected by those who work alongside him. The thing I love the most about Jack is that he’s such a softy at heart. He’s really just this great guy who loves his friends and would do anything for those he loves. As soon as Kelly gets to know him, she begins to see this side to him and she can’t help but begin to fall. But really, who can blame a girl? I don’t know how anyone couldn’t fall for Jack!

Debra Burroughs: Ryan Wilson is an ex-cop who left the force, seeking a safer profession with which to raise a family, someday. With deep green eyes, impressively broad shoulders, and an engaging smile, Ryan is arguably the best looking Realtor in Seattle. He’s soft-hearted and chivalrous, but he is also strong and commanding when he has to be. Captivated by Kate, the lovely damsel in distress, he is drawn back into the role of protector when he has to save her and find her missing sister.

Dana Marton: Detective Sullivan has been hunting a serial killer all his life, wowing to avenge his sister’s death. To find the killer, he has to be able to think like the killer, taking a lot of darkness inside him. He is so obsessed with his vengeance that he’s let go of everything else. Never thought he would have anything more. Then he meets Ashley, but is it too late for him?

Rebecca York: A killer CEO, Jordan Campbell finds himself in a unique situation. Someone in his family has tried to kill him. Now he’s in a coma and more helpless than he’s ever been in his life. But when psychic Hannah Andrews walks into his coma dream, he doesn’t know if he can trust her. Yet she may be the only person who can wake him up and save his life. At the same time, trying to help him has put her in danger. Now he’s the one who has to save her—if he can wake up in time to do it.

Patricia Rosemoor: Everyone sees Tyler Leighton as a successful re-developer of properties that would otherwise face the wrecking ball. What they don't see beneath his expensive well-pressed suits is the man hardened by betrayal, one who would do anything, even lie about his daughter's mother being dead to protect the girl. And when she disappears, he would pay anything, do whatever it takes to make sure she and Keelin McKenna are safe.

Kaylea Cross: Hunter Phillips is a former Navy SEAL and now serves as a government military contractor. He’s team leader and takes his job very seriously because he knows just how fast a mission can go to hell and cost the lives of his teammates. When he’s put on the protective detail of a woman whose father has just been kidnapped and murdered by a terrorist cell, he knows it won’t be business as usual. He’s prepared to risk his life to protect her, but he never expected to risk his heart as well. I just love seeing such a hardened operative fall so hard for a woman! Khalia Patterson brings him to his knees.

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