Thursday, February 27, 2014

REVIEW: Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy #1) by M. Pierce

From bestselling ebook author M. Pierce comes the first novel in a provocative erotic trilogy where an anonymous online writing partnership turns into an uncontrollable, passionate obsession

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers -- all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent...

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah's picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that's passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

How dirty! Filthy, crass, crude, and just downright dirty!  I'm not going to lie, this book was a little too dirty for my liking.  Every single sex scene left me blushing, embarrassed, and, frankly, quite stunned. Jaw-on-the-floor-stunned. In fact, I tried to read this on an airplane, but I just couldn't do it because I was constantly worried that someone was looking over my shoulder thinking, "that girl is a freak." Now, now I admit that I'm a gutter girl. I love a good dirty joke, and read plenty of deliciously steamy books, but the mouth on Matt in the bedroom... that was nothing this southern girl had EVER heard before. Have mercy...
Because I was a little disturbed by the raunchiness of the story, I almost didn't finish reading this. I didn't think I could manage it, but I did. And thank goodness for that because although this is a very sexually driven book, it's also very unique with a incredibly complex and magnetic storyline.  While the sex wasn't really my cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed Matt and Hannah's story. This book really hit on the 5+ star scale for me once I got about halfway through. The first half was definitely a struggle for me, but now that I look back on it, it all makes sense. The problem for me was that everything happened a bit fast. The characters had already built up this very sexual relationship, and the sexual tension was off the charts. As the book progressed, I started to see that it really was a  character driven book. It just took me a while to pick my jaw up on the floor after those very unforgiving sex scenes. HA! Dirty y'all. He called her his slut.
"I was addicted to Matt's dirty mouth. I was addicted to the way he humiliated me in bed."

^^ Not me, sister, not me. Whatever floats your boat, I guess ;)

What really fascinated me the most about the story was Matt. I realize that I just told you he was too dirty for me (and he was), but he was probably one of the most fascinating characters I have ever read about. Neurotic, paranoid, anti-social, highly sexual, intelligent, and quirky are just a few words that I would use to describe him. The storyline started by introducing us to Matt and Hannah who are supposed to be writing partners online and nothing more. Hannah sent Matt an e-mail and he accidently saw her picture and that changed everything. He had a strict set of rules, a girlfriend, a meticulously organized secret life, but that one picture was the catalyst that sent all his carefully laid plans into a tail spin.

"Art is not a assembly of accidents. You have to master the rules before you break them."
Matt broke a ton of his rules. He was deceitful to Hannah and when everything spiraled out of control in his life, it was clear that he was even more unstable that I realized.  I liked him the best when he was the most crazy. I guess I fell in love with him then because I could really see how vulnerable he was. In the beginning, I thought he was just some crazy pervert, but he was SO much more than that.

Like I said, slow start for me but a truly incredible ending. This is one of the most original books that I've read in awhile, and I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. It doesn't really end with a cliffhanger, but the epilogue is a bit of a mind twister. I'm not even sure what to make of it and I'm really not sure if I like it! I'm a little worried, but dying to get my hands on book two all the same. It really was a super intriguing story.

 4 stars!

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