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Review: Tempt Me Tonight by Toni Blake


He was her first: the first man she longed for, the first man she truly desired. Then he betrayed her and broke her heart. Now her revenge will be oh-so-sweet . . . and hot!

Trish Henderson has returned home to Eden to take care of some family business . . . and some personal business, as well. Though she's achieved remarkable success as a high-powered Chicago attorney, Trish has never forgotten her small-town high school sweetheart, Joe Ramsey, or the devastation of heartbreak.

Now she's come face-to-face with the gorgeous sex god Joe has grown into, and she's determined to get him out of her system once and for all—and maybe take a little revenge, too. And this time, she has all the power. After all, where is it written that only men can explore and enjoy a physical relationship without commitment? Her plan: seduce him for just one night, then walk away . . .

But there's just one problem. Trish is about to find out that one night with Joe may never be enough...

 Note: This book cost a pretty penny for an eBook.
Totally worth it, but I've heard from a few of my Goodreads pals
that they were able to get it at their local libraries.
So, check your library first!
Hot, HOT, hot, HOT, Hot, Hottt!

Oh my word! I'm still feeling a little flushed after reading Tempt Me Tonight! It's my favorite Toni Blake read yet and by far the steamiest!

          "That boy's trouble. Pure trouble."

We all know, I LOVE TROUBLE! Here's a quick spoiler free rundown:

The book opens with teenage Joe and Trish. Joe messes up right off the bat. Really bad. I thought I'd have a hard time loving him after he did what he did, but this is a classic case of time heals all wounds. Plus, it was easy to chalk up his mistakes to just being young and stupid.

Anyways, Trish leaves town for college and then we flash forward 14 years to when Trish returns to town to help her parents sell their diner. She plans to get the job done and then get right back out of town. Small towns, small crowds.... Needless to say, she couldn't avoid running into Joe. She also couldn't avoid noticing how much and how well Joe has grown up. She convinces herself that she can't go down that road again, but she also realizes she can't resist him. If she gives in to him, she'll be letting him win. She can't have that, so she decides that she's going to beat him at his own game. Enter Trish the seducer....;) HILARIOUS & hot. Really hot. This book is really hot. Got it? Really hot!

Reality smacks Trish in the face when she realizes her plan may not have been all that well thought out. It turns out that Joe's not the jerk that she's built him up to be in her head. She also realizes she's been holding a grudge and that maybe she never really got over what Joe did to her that one summer...

Without giving anything away, the book is centered around this push and pull battle that Joe and Trish having going on. I loved them both SO much. And Joe....Well, I'll go for a ride with Joe and his Cobra anytime.... Jeez, I know what you were thinking! He drove a Cobra! Get. Your. Mind. Out. Of. The. Gutter! ;)

"Yeesh. She loved the guy? Really? Yep, really. But she still coudn't tell the guy, or stay with the guy."

          "I'm here to make you mine again -- for keeps this time."

This is a great book and definately a favorite of mine.  I loved the small town, country vibe and adored the country songs that were mentioned throughout the book. It's a steamy read that also has some depth and a great storyline.   It's a pricey eBook, but I've heard that it's available at most local libraries! Check there first!

My Joe and Trish:

My Rating: 5 Stars!
Toni Blake

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