Friday, September 6, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Inevitable (Book 1) by Angela Graham

Author: Angela Graham
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Book 1 of 3

After experiencing a humiliating breakup, twenty-two-year-old Cassandra Clarke is fresh out of college and living a simple solitary life without any intentions of pursuing love anytime soon.
When the estate next door sells, the last thing Cassandra expects is the unnerving attraction she feels for her sinfully handsome neighbor, Logan West, the young and charming single father with a playboy reputation.
It’s through Oliver, Logan’s four-year-old son, who keeps popping up in her childhood tree house, that she slowly begins to catch glimpses of the compassionate and wounded man Logan has hidden beneath his strong exterior.
Cassandra knows it's wrong and that she's heading for another heartbreak.
Logan will never be able to give her what she wants…love.

Adrenaline shot through me, pushing me to run full speed at the tree and up the rickety ladder.
“Get em’, get em’, get em’!” The small boy inside shrieked, crouched in the corner.
I took a deep breath, relieved nobody was hurt and followed his gaze to the corner, across the tiny room.
“I tried scaring him away with that,” he explained pointing at a broom.
The boy began to stand, he was no taller than four feet and his mop of curls made it impossible not to smile. I picked up the broom.
Stiff with anxiety as to what he was trying to scare away, I leaned down to find a small brown mouse, trembling in the corner.
Poor thing.
I’d never been a fan of the little creatures, but his giant ears and terrified shivering tore at my heartstrings.
“It’s okay. He won’t hurt you,” I said, turning back smiling. “We should get him back home though. What do you say? Will you help?”
I watched as his concerned expression melted into a sliver of a smile tugging at his lips.
“Will he bite me?”
“That depends,” I smiled standing back up. “Will you bite him?”
He giggled shaking his head. “No!”
“Well then, I think we’re pretty safe.” I laughed.

Author Bio:
I am happily married to my husband of five years, have three wonderful children and a beautiful feline companion that keeps me company during late night writing binges.
My love of reading has been life long but it was in early 2012 when I was inspired to finally put pen to paper and write my first story. Since then I haven't been able to stop, fueled purely by my passion to write a story and create characters that readers will enjoy.
New Adult romances are my go to books to read as well as to write. They are young, fresh and full of hope. What's not to love!
"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong."
- Ella Fitzgerald

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