Tuesday, February 11, 2014

REVIEW: For All You Have Left by Laura Miller

Logan Cross married her high school sweetheart when she was eighteen. But life had different plans for Logan, and now, at twenty-two, she is in the midst of starting over when Jorgen Ryker moves in next door. Jorgen suspects that Logan might be hiding a few secrets, but neither he nor Logan is ready when she reveals her biggest secret from her past—a secret that neither of them realizes they share.

Set in small-town Missouri, For All You Have Left is a love story with an unexpected twist centering around three lives, two great loves and one epic journey in learning to love again


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
I still think about that quote from time to time. And I think maybe I was supposed to live two lives."
I know this blog is named Gutter Girls, but my head isn't always in the gutter. In fact, I really enjoy the innocent reads. Books that have depth and leave a little to the imagination are usually my favorite. Laura Miller is the perfect example of an author that writes the deep, heartfelt, emotional, and more innocent reads. A good writer doesn't always have to follow the trends. I love that she's unique in that way. If you like Nicholas Sparks, you're sure to love Laura Miller. Her books always leave me in emotional warfare. For All You Have Left was no different.
The way this story is told is really what is makes it so great. I love the way the storyline was approached with the flashbacks and present-day shifts. I became so attached to all the characters and that made this story a little difficult to bear at times. At the beginning, I was pretty sure that I had the story figured out, but as the story progressed little seedlings of doubt were planted into my head. I started to get very nervous and became VERY unsure of what I was in for. Great storytelling I tell ya.
This story was very emotional for me because once I tried to place myself into Logan's shoes... I couldn't even imagine. I know that the hand she was dealt was a very difficult and heart-wrenching one. . .

Anyways, it's hard to sum up the storyline in this one which is why I'm not going to even try. The mystery of what was going on was what made the story so fantastic for me. It has a small town, first love, second chance feel going on and I loved every page.
For All You Have Left tells a tragic yet beautiful story of hope and true love.  It's about fighting back when you feel like you have nothing left, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
"Hope is a funny thing when you think about it," he goes on. "It's always right in front of you."
Thanks, Laura, for mailing me a review copy:)
5 Stars 

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